Funkmaster involved in Jay-AZ’s controversy!

Funkmaster involved in Jay-AZ’s controversy!
Jay Z’c new collaboration which is in form a partnership with National Football League has created a lot of controversy, in which funkmaster has involved himself too. 
“This subject matter has been weighing on me for a sec... I’ve spoken to Jermaine, Fat Joe, Nessa, Pio and TT.... My opinion is probably not what the people I have relationships want to hear but it’s bothering me so I need to discuss... Colin has taken an incredible unselfish stand for bringing light to social injustice that will never be duplicated... and even though his settlement was under 10million for him and Eric (Which covered mostly lawyer fees) I’m not 1,000 percently ok that Colin excepted the deal because it feels that since the deal Colin hasn’t been as aggressive as he once was... I know I’ve been 1,000 percent better with Rocnation as of late so I hope I can be honest and continue our positive relationship... We are never past kneeling... the “fear of the Kneeling” is what pushed the NFL to get more aggressive with unlawful tactics (hence is why they settled with Colin) To dismiss his efforts in front of the NFL Commissioner (the one who spearheaded the Colin corruption was an extreme slap in the face!) Jayz In our world is our “Michael Jordan” decided by the people who respect/cherish his accomplishments. Watching that Commissioner’s body language and feeling his desperation to open the Season with the “STRONGEST AFRICAN AMERICAN POSSIBLE WITH CREDIBILITY” was obvious! If Jayz saw what we all saw in the press conference and feels working from the inside while being paid and receiving a “stake” in a team is the answer and can spearhead social justice from the inside he is our HERO for life!!!! BUT if he and the air personalities/social media influencers that Rocknation manages or wants to be managed by them have spun the “believe in Jayz... give him a chance” campaign to line pockets... this will be remembered and NOT swept under the rug in a few months! TRUST! Time will tell!#JustMyOpinion” he wrote on an Instagram post. 
While this is what he’s spoken about it. Let’s look forward to how the live entertainment strategy at the same will be handled. For more details on this and further more stories, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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