Russ motivates aspiring artists on Twitter

Russ motivates aspiring artists on Twitter
The music industry does not operate in a similar fashion as it did in the earlier times. Artists of this era well understand the art of self-sustainability, which is why they know exactly how to burn the midnight oil. Their music careers have seen a rise because of their own hard work and not because of any sort of a label that they have inherited or acquired through sources. 
Russ is one of those artists, who have created the life that he is living, for himself on his own. He recently came up with certain words of wisdom for those aspiring to be like him. 
"All of the people in their little corner of the world tryna turn your dreams to reality..keep goin. It starts and ends with you. The world isn’t gonna crown you until you crown yourself. Stop discussing your dreams with ppl who don’t believe (could be family). Stay focused ❤✨,"  "Artists - having to blow up in your 'hometown' first is an outdated concept. Anyone who tells you that, block their # 😂 the day the internet/social media came about, LET ALONE streaming, is the day the support from your zip codes became irrelevant. Everyone is everywhere."
"My first sold-out show was in Belgium. First time I got on the radio was in Seattle. My biggest show ever was in LA followed by Portugal. I’m from none of those places lol,"  
"I already know they’re gonna kill me off, "Until then I’m lettin these mf thoughts and opinions fly. Opinion is a luxury of life. I’m not trippin bout sh*t.""You don’t gotta run at anyone else’s pace..just’ll always find someone you’re losing to if you’re constantly seeking comparison."
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