Lil Xan says he will become the biggest rapper post his new album drop!

Lil Xan says he will become the biggest rapper
No Jumper's Adam22 was welcomed over to Lil Xan's new  home in the Orange County to advance and put across the rapper's new FOX-livestreamed appear (show). Be that as it may, this limited-time opportunity declined into an unpredictable slurry mess as Lil Xan failed to remember to plug himself for the 16-minute long (highly important) No Jumper scene.
"We coming back. You say my music fell off. I'm a fucking celebrity, but I'm about to be the biggest motherfucking rapper after I drop this next tape."  "going top 5 this time."  he states as he announces about his forthcoming drop which will take place before the ending of this year that is December 3rd. The upcoming track will be called "Baby, You Love Me".
At a certain point in the video, as Xan and his companion inform Adam regarding how they have changed diametrically to the chain-smoking cigarettes from ofcourse their former which is Juuling, a lady who has all the earmarks of being Xan's administrator mediates and reminds Xan to make reference to his new show. Since the message got somewhat tangled on No Jumper, the necessary steps of stopping XanarchyTV, which will show up normally on the live streaming application called Caffeine.

The shoot of the show is going to take place in Xan's carport, which was enhanced with the artworks that he appointed of XXXTentacion. Mac Miller and  Lil Peep. 
For more on this, you can take a look at the little clip that Xan has posted on Instagram with a great caption to it. For more details and other information, remain in touch with us at Flow Online.
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