Fans concerned about Kevin McCall's wellbeing!

Fans concerned about Kevin McCall's wellbeing!
It has been a difficult year for artist, singer and songwriter Kevin McCall. This is also one of the reasons why his odd behaviour on social media has led fans to worry about him a lot, because they are concerned about his well being. The mother of his child, who also is his ex has come out to reveal some dark phases of his life when he had gone through some tough times. She also mentioned that she never felt safe with him in the house during their relationship because of the kind of physical abuse he is capable of. 
This howbeit did not come across as the end of the story because Kevin too came out to deny these accusations, explaining how everything that Eva has said has been displayed falsely. 
"Call me I wanna say goodbye," "If not 'I really did love you it was Genuine wild and free' Asé.""Deuces baby bro I always loved you..." "If you remember i ever said, just remember : Make the best Decisions." he said making reference from one of the tracks. 
The comment section, howbeit, got flooded post this as fans in great numbers came out to write bluntly. 
This is exactly where King Los too jumped in to show some support to the singer. 
"This song doesn’t sound like death to me , it sounds beautiful. If a white man made this song it would be Grammy nominated,""All you fake concerned people learn to exhibit this much effort on a daily basis. As artist all we want is support and it feels like death to us not to be able to seek our potentials. We have given endlessly and loved viciously only to a bunch of selfish people who only speak up when they don’t like something. Well I do found out the hard way Kev , if you don’t find yourself within then you’ll find yourself without." "Self love doesn’t need validation of reciprocation of love in return. Keep being a earth angel bro. When they throw dirt on you bring them flowers back. You’re amazing and I love you homie. Heal up and keep making these kind of records. You turned your inner pain into passionate art , I respect that. Ps: I don’t kno many better than you. Hit me and come to the crib if you need to , might be time to go vegan 🌱 lol ... big love tho !!"  Los mentioned.
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