Young Thug calls fan on stage to rap with him

Young Thug calls fan on stage to rap with him
One thing is for sure: Young Thug adores his fans. During his Lollapalooza set during the mid-year, Thugger stood out as truly newsworthy after he recognized a wheelchair-bound fan in the group. The 14-year-old, Steven may have required help going around, however, he was out in the common territory with every other person, chiming in with the great many other Young Thug fans. The rapper told the youngster that he appreciated him for knowing the entirety of the verses, and in the wake of discovering that they'd driven a separation to see him, Thugger welcomed both Steven and his mom behind the stage for a meetup and welcome session.

"Young Thug brought a sick fan on stage for a meet and greet in Stockholm
The parents explain that Young Thug is the child’s favorite artist and was excited to see him live 🙏💚 Slime Love All The Time 🕷 @youngthug" tweeted Young Stoner Life Records. 

"Never will I cheat on you / Never will I commit treason / Blowin' a bag on you / Do all of that for no reason / Imma pull up MR2 / Hittin' the block and I'm bleedin' / Throwing that Rollie on you / I like the way it be freezin'," was the rap. 
The clip has also been posted on Twitter so the fans can pick out that part and watch in detail. For more details, connect with us at Flow Online.
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