Here's what Antonio Brown talked about in a recent interview!

Here's what Antonio Brown talked about in a recent interview!
Antonio Brown has made considerable progress since being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010. Over the most recent ten years, Brown has gone from being a generally obscure wide beneficiary to one of the most unique abilities in the game. Away from the field, Brown has been working diligently to demonstrate he is something beyond a competitor. In the course of recent months, Brown has been dug in Miami where he is taking a shot at his first-since forever rap collection. In the previous week, AB has dropped two singles including "Entire Lotta Money" and "Home From The N.O." These melodies were discharged autonomously on his own one of a kind mark, CAB Records. His first single, "Entire Lotta Money" was created by Reazy Renegade while "Home From The N.O" was delivered by Siouyari and highlights his great companion, YDtheBest.

As AB outfits to discharge more tracks fully expecting the full collection, we addressed him via telephone to get a thought of how he got into music and what his likely arrangements are. We likewise got the opportunity to get some information about the "Not any more White Woman 2020" development, just as his ongoing exercise with the New Orleans Saints.
"The song “Home From The N.O.” is a really inspiring song. I had the opportunity to fly out to New Orleans and take part in a workout. Met the coach and had the opportunity to get back to playing football. So when I got back home we made a song. My family and friends were here at my house and everyone was like “oh man you about to go to the Saints.” So there was a lot of excitement. Lot of love for New Orleans and all the fans out there. From the flight to the workout and back coming home, we were recording and being creative. Just to share the story of that moment. Just being in the living room and getting a random call saying “Hey AB could you be at the airport at 7 o’clock for a workout.” It gives people the real, actual experience of what we go through and the process of being creatives in that moment."
"Social media is an extremely important tool that allows us to show leadership and connect with our fans and give people our day to day experience of our lifestyle and how we live and how we spend our time and really inspire people. You know the response and the viewership I get. My page gets about 400,000 viewers in 24 hours. In terms of leadership, I try to do workouts and get the kids together. I like doing positive things that can inspire the kids. "
The above mentioned is a small part of the interview, the whole of which is available on the net. For more updates, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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