Ohio in search of a lawyer for seeking assistance

Ohio in search of a lawyer for seeking assistance
The NFL Halftime show without a doubt pulled in heaps of responses by watchers who were either satisfied with the set or unpleased with the way that Ja Rule and Pitbull didn't make it out. One Ohio man, be that as it may, has taken things to another level since he's anticipating suing the NFL, Pepsi and Fox for "adding to the misconduct of a minor."

Dave Daubenmire presented a video on Facebook enumerating his annoyance with "the depravity" of the Super Bowl. "Because of past Super Bowls, comprehended what it was going to resemble and didn't wanna let that soul come into my home. However, I saw some stuff today, I didn't watch the entire thing yet I saw portions of it today... I saw a great deal of groin shots," he said. He's presently looking for a legal advisor to help battle his case since he belives JLo and Shakira have tainted youngsters. "I figure we should go plunk down in a court and present this as proof of how whoever is shielding me from getting into the realm of Heaven," he included.

We'll need to perceive how far Dave will get with his case. Peep a few responses beneath:
1- No, Dave Daubenmire. You are not going to Hell for "accidentally" having watched JLO in the #HalftimeShow2020. If you end up in Hell it will be because you are not able to control your desires and because you use your religion to try and make some fast money. #SuperBowl
2- Are you the Dave Daubenmire suing the NFL. Are you a supporter of the grab 'em by the pussy President? If so you are just another religious, pray for me hypocrite
3- If Dave Daubenmire is going to Hell, it's because he's a pervert. @NFL didn't force him to watch the Halftime show. He watched it. He CHOSE to watch it, and he knows he had the option to turn it off.
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