The NBA pays tribute to one and only Kobe Bryant

NBA pays tribute to one and only Kobe Bryant
Sunday night as the 69th yearly NBA All-Star game got in progress, a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant was normally on the plan as Chicago locals, for example, Jennifer Hudson and Common drove a game-opener that would remember Bryant.
What's more, Magic Johnson additionally showed up to talk about his companion.
""We'll never see another basketball player quite like Kobe,""Scoring 81 points in one game. Scoring 60 points in his last game. And then winning five NBA championships [...] But what I'm really proud about when we think about Kobe Bryant, there's millions of people in Los Angeles that don't have a home. Kobe was fighting to get them homes and shelter every single day. He was passionate about that. He was also passionate about being a great father, husband, filmmaker. Young man won an Oscar. So we all are hurting. This is a tough time for the whole NBA family."
""For All We Know (We May Meet Again)." ""A king named Kobe Bryant," "Even in the darkest times, you'll feel Kobe's light."
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