You’re going to retire Michael Jordan, says Reggie Miller

 You’re going to retire Michael Jordan, says Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller was consistently one of the most impressive competitors in NBA history due to his three point shooting and of course trash talking. Unfortunately for him, he was still unable to obtain the coveted NBA title even after making it to the finals in 2000. In 1998, Miller faced Jordan in the Eastern Conference Finals, which we know at this point, Jordan won on the way to his 6th title.

In "The Last Dance," Miller discussed going up against MJ and what he wanted to accomplish. He clarifies, that he had the attitude that he was going to push Jordan into retirement.

"We all looked at the Bulls as the model of success," Miller stated, by means of Brad Botkin of CBS Sports. "They were viewed as the best team around. However, we felt, and I feel right up 'til the present time, we were the better group. The entire thing is, there were murmurs this was Mike's last year. So I think an ideal tempest was blending. In my psyche, I was thinking … 'this is it. You will resign Michael Jordan.'"

Jordan inevitably did resign after that season despite the fact that it had literally nothing to do with Miller and the Pacers. Jordan consistently appeared to have Miller's number and that never changed even til the end of Michael's career.
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