Things heat up between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis over $200K tease

Things heat up between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis over $200K tease
Things got somewhat heated over Twitter between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis. Famous boxer - Ryan Garcia has had a developing disappointment with Golden Boy and gushing assistance DAZN over how things have been moving in the background. Garcia has been sharing that he's made sure about his next battle date a for July 4, be that as it may, Golden Boy despite everything hasn't marshaled up an adversary in this post-COVID-19 lockdown period. Sports Illustrated reports that the July date is currently a relic of times gone by, and Garcia has bemoaned that he's not being remunerated monetarily the manner in which he merits.
“That’s bullsh*t,”   “Why am I being held back financially? What is the problem here? Why is DAZN giving out big numbers to guys fighting nobodies? It’s f*cked up how I’m being treated. I’m not asking for $100 million. Just give me the check I deserve. How am I one of the biggest fighters in the world and I get bigger paychecks outside of boxing?”  Garcia said.
"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 200k?????? He need that money back from him buying that Ferrari...stop trying to keep up broke boy! 😫😫😫." Davis further wrote to make fun of him reading the tweet. 
"Yeah I get endorsement deals outside of boxing, something you don’t know about bc you hit woman."Said Ryan in reply. 
 Garcia was raising the ongoing charges made against Davis following a recorded episode that demonstrated the fighter man-dealing with his ex. For more details remain in touch with Flow Online
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