Lebron James posts a tweet on voter suppression

Lebron James posts a tweet on voter suppression
US-based politicians will successfully get a major advantage over the opposition when it is about elections. For a considerable length of time, voter suppresion has been one of those techniques which have been used for winning purposes as a strong strategy. Commonly voter impression adversely influences individuals especially blacks as polling stations in their areas and communities are closed down. This leads the whole situation to a drastic end as no stations in their areas lead them to travel more which is highly time-consuming. And because not many people stand in favor of this approach or find it difficult to reach the destination, very few get to vote amongst them. This is exactly what is happening in Kentucky. Basically, Kentucky is going from 3700 stations to a measly 200, and that undoubtedly is a major difference. 
Lebron James recently looked into this story and tweeted in support of blacks. He wrote. 
"Said it last week about GA. This is SYSTEMIC RACISM and OPPRESSION. So angry man. 😤😤😤 #BlackLivesMatter ✊🏾 #MoreThanaVote" He wrote. 
To which Ari Berman replied by tweeting " Kentucky cutting number of polling places for Tuesday's primary from 3700 to 200.  There will be one polling place for 616,000 registered voters in Louisville Jefferson County, where half state's black voters live. This is going to be a disaster" 
Mitch McConnell is on the ballot and he is one of those figures that many need to see gone. Notwithstanding, in view of the voter concealment, there is a practical possibility that he could get his seat back, which would be a fiasco for the entirety of the left-inclining voters out there.
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