Caitlyn Jenner wants to be Vice- President for Kanye West

Caitlyn Jenner wants to be Vice- President for Kanye West
Caitlyn was simply leaving Starbucks in Westlake Village, CA when TMZ approached her to talk with her about her new trending decision of favoring Kanye West as his Vice-President in the up and coming 2020 presidential elections of the state. 

The facts may confirm that Caitlyn was simply goofing off, however with Kanye joining the race ultimately, nothing is outlandish as she confirms her decision about being a part of it.
“Well I texted him and said ‘can I be your VP’.” she said and replied with "What a combination!" when a reporter called it a genius idea. 

Despite the fact that he missed the cutoff times to run in various states including Florida, a battleground express, Kanye's candidacy status is presently official. 
He has finished the second structure for the Federal Election Commission which affirms that he has raised or spent over $5,000 for making the campaign a strong one. Not only this but he has always been working to get the paperwork added to the Oklahoma ballot.

Since Michelle Tidball has not officially acknowledged Kanye's proposition, the position is open and Caitlyn has shot her decision of being a part of it, surrendering it over to Kanye to react.
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