Russell Wilson looks excited about the new teammate

Russell Wilson looks excited about the new teammate
Jamal Adams (NFL safety star)  was in an open debate with the New York Jets up until just yesterday. The group was declining to give him an agreement, and the safety was getting quite annoyed and tired of this treatment. He in the end requested a sort of exchange (trade) and the initial response from Jets has been of refraining from providing with the same. In any case, that all changed as yesterday, Adam Schefter of ESPN affirmed that Adams would leave the Jets for the Seattle Seahawks, who are significantly more suitable for this than any other. 

Following getting some answers concerning the arrangement, Seahawks Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson took to Twitter to talk about this decision with Adams. So here's what he tweeted.  "Let's get it."

While Wilson seemed quite energetic and interested in this new decision, Le'Veon Bell absolutely was most certainly not. The running back went on Twitter and shot Adams for enrolling him and afterward discarding. This prompted a little trade where Adams invited their matchup in Week 14 of the 2020 season.

With respect to the Seahawks, their offense was fabulous last season and with Adams in the backfield, they will unquestionably be a significantly more balanced group. Howbeit, the decision has now been made and the trade is also confirmed. 
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