Tom Brady makes fun of himself on his birthday

Tom Brady makes fun of himself on his birthday
At the point when Tom Brady previously entered the NFL 20 years back, not many anticipated that he would turn into this star personality that he is currently. In the wake of working his approach to turning into the starter of the New England Patriots, Brady proceeded to win six Super Bowls and even had nine complete appearances. He is effectively the best quarterback one can ever be throughout the league of the whole alliance and in spite of his more established age, he can play predictable football while additionally setting up more than sufficient numbers. Truth be told, Brady turned 43 years of age today, only a month out from his presentation with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Today, Brady got various birthday wishes on Twitter, including one from the NFL. Brady accepted the open door to ridicule himself as he uncovered that he may at long last be in the market for a  new iPhone. This joke is concerning an ongoing tweet where somebody noticed that Brady is as yet utilizing an iPhone 6+ from 6 years ago i.e. 2014.
Howbeit, Braddy being the person he is, has not felt bad about any snarky comments and poking that he has received on him using an old model. Instead, he took it very lightly and joined the virtual parade by trolling himself and letting it all out in laughter and giggles. He said that his phone doesn't always have to be the best or the most trending. His happiness is not associated with the model of the phone he is using. Instead, he sees no point in upgrading the phone until the time it is operating as it should and that is without causing him any trouble. 
Wishing him a very happy birthday! 
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