Ben Simmons' injury to get treated by a surgeon

Ben Simmons' injury to get treated by a surgeon
2020 has been a very tough year for Philadelphia 76ers as they came in with quite high expectations but the recent game scenario doesn't seem to show any inclination towards their anticipations. They believed their roster would get them a win-win situation at NBA. However, the strategy they came up with hasn't led them any closer to what they had planned at achieving. And as playoffs seem to be approaching, the sudden turn in their team with Ben's injury will most likely make things worse for them. 
The team will have to make their way towards the end without him and this seems to be quite disturbing for the team to digest. Simmons has been granted leave from the NBA bubble and according to ESPN's Adrian, the player might have to get surgery to treat his severe knee injury. This makes it very clear for the team and the followers that Ben will be long gone from the team and there are very few chances of having him back for the remainder of the season. The finals will, unfortunately, take place without him and his team will have to work really hard to cover for his absence. 
This a sad news for the team who's winning dream was brought closer because of a player like Ben. And while this is turned out as good news for other teams, inwardly each and every person is feeling bad for the injury that has incurred to Ben during the game. Take a look at Adrian's recent tweets to know what he has written about Ben and the season. 
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