NBA update: Nets to finally choose his team

Nets to finally choose his team
This season turned out slightly disappointing for the Brooklyn Nets who came in with a huge amount of guarantee. In the wake of putting on team Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, it was accepted that the Nets would be probably the best group in the Eastern Conference. Obviously, without KD, it would have been hard, nonetheless, Irving ran into his own physical issues which led into setting Nets back for how much ever the season is. In their battle, the group terminated lead trainer Kenny Atkinson and wound up proceeding to complete seventh in the Eastern Conference standings, before being cleared by the Raptors in the very first round itself. 

Presently, the Nets are taking a gander at employing another lead trainer and as per Shams Charania of The Athletic, it would appear that they are pursuing a prominent legend. There have been bits of gossip that the Nets are keen on Gregg Popovich of the Spurs however now, these bits of gossip appear to be affirmed as he is their fantasy applicant.

Popovich is as yet under agreement with the Spurs despite the fact that the unbelievable mentor has consistently taken things step by step, so there is a slight possibility that he could wind up discarding the Spurs for a Nets group which is capable of doing some grand things in the future. 
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