An update on Klay Thompson is provided by Steve Kerr

An update on Klay Thompson is provided by Steve Kerr
During the NBA Finals in 2019, Klay Thompson endured an ACL injury that at last kept him out of the Warriors arrangement for the whole season. Because of his physical issue, the Warriors were wretched on the court, particularly with Steph Curry breaking his hand right off the bat. Notwithstanding, Thompson has picked to take as much time as necessary with his physical issue and has made a point to not surge back before he entirely to.

In an ongoing meeting with the media, Golden State Warriors lead trainer Steve Kerr talked about Thompson and what his advancement has been similar to since returning to rehearse. As Kerr stated, it's been a moderate consume and that the Warriors would prefer not to push him excessively hard as it could bring about re-injury.
“We’re taking it really slow with Klay,” “He’s basically taking part in all of practice other than the scrimmage. We did other drills that were live. We did some defensive drills, 5-on-5, more of a controlled scrimmage that he took part in. But at the end of practice scrimmage, we had him doing some 1-on-1 stuff with Leandro (Barbosa). That is the preferable sequence right now.”
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