Baker Mayfield gets his name placed on the Covid-19 reserve list

Baker Mayfield gets his name placed on the Covid-19 reserve list
Baker Mayfield has faced a lot of kerfuffles and troubles this year for the Cleveland Browns who are presently 5-3 this season. Only a few of weeks prior, it seemed like this group was bound to go right to the end of the season games however now, fans aren't sure to such an extent that they will have the option to come through and make it there. This weekend, the group has its clearly bid bye which implies they would nowbe going on a break where they can rehearse and plan for the following rival. 
Sadly for Mayfield, he won't be given as much an ideal opportunity to plan on the field, as he was as of late added to the group's COVID-19 list. As per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Mayfield has not come out positive for the infection despite the fact that he was in contact with a staff who did. 
Pushing ahead, Mayfield should step through various examinations and isolate himself. In the event that he clears convention, he will have the option to re-visitation of the field as of Wednesday as the group prepares for their Week 10 matchup. 
The NFL has been managing a plenitude of COVID-19 cases this season as they are not utilizing an air pocket design like the NBA and NHL. It has been hard for groups to conquer the entirety of this in spite of the fact that it's not for an absence of endeavoring. 
As the season walks forward, bounty more cases are required to be accounted for, which could cause issues during the end of the season games.
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