Conor McGregor put behind the bars

conor mcgregor arrest

Famous UFC fighter McGregor has been put to prison following an accident that took place at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. According to the sources, he has to appear in the court for various charges like three assault cases and another which recently happened.

It has been said that the incident was an extremely violent one, where chairs were broken and moved out of the van’s window, ruthlessly. Not only this but a passenger also got injured in the midst of this terrible mess. 

Since this rampage has created a big mess for the fighter, nobody knows if there will be any sanctions for him. While, everything is taking place in a step by step order, the chances of him being out of it all seems less as of now.

In between all this, one this is coming out very clear that due to this havoc, UFC has been facing a lot of problems. Since, a bus load of people was attacked, the fighter cannot be left easily and some also say that strict actions might be taken against him because a lot of cases are in the queue.

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