NBPA declares a special health program for its players

NBPA declares a special health program for its players

NBPA which stands for National Basket Ball Players Association announces the launch of a special health and wellness program for its players. This has been one of the best initiatives taken for the betterment of the NBA players, because a lot of them have been suffering through both physical as well as mental ailments due to the pressure put by never ending tournaments and challenges.

Many players, such as Kevin Love, DeMar DeRozan etc have been speaking about how sick and ill they get both mentally and physically during the matches. Keeping in mind these needs of the players, the NBPA has finally declared the launch of this special program.

The association states: “In recent months, several of our players have spoken candidly about their internal struggles,” said NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts. “Their stories have reminded us all that mental health challenges may be faced by everyone, including professional athletes. This is an area that can no longer be neglected. As a Players Association, it is our responsibility to provide our members the resources to succeed both mentally and physically. Accordingly, we have decided to make mental health a priority now.”

Mental health is very important for each and every player. While the physical health also plays an equivalent role in a player’s life, the mental well being still has an edge over it because a player’s performance depends more upon his brain than his body. Since, their bodies work entirely on the basis of the strategies and plans their brains make, it is important that complete peace and calmness is maintained in their head so that they can put forward their best during tournaments and other challenges.

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