Kam Chancellor bids farewell to football

Kam Chancellor bids farewell

Kam Chancellor from Seattle Seahawks has recently announced that he is finally taking retirement by leaving football after being in NFL for around 8 years.

He states that he has been encountering too many injuries lately. Last year it was his neck that got injured severely. He said that it had become so critical that it could almost leave him paralysed. He somehow got healed and came back to the field with the team this year.

He says:

 “I always prayed to God and told myself that I would play this game of football until the wheels fall off. Well the wheels didn’t fall off, but God has given me a sign that I just can’t ignore,”

“I’ve played through all types of bruises and injuries at a high level. But this one, I just can’t ignore. To walk away from the game by choice is one thing, to walk away from the game because of the risk of paralysis is another. My final test showed no healing. I put all my blood, sweat, and tears into this game […] I’ve learned so many valuable lessons I can take with me on the next journey. How to use them? I don’t know yet. But I will wait for His instructions.”

His journey in this field has been amazing as he has been rewarded with great deal of appreciations and titles. He has even earned a championship title which we all know is something one can die for.

While this is about how one of our favourite persons is leaving the league, lets look forward to what else is going to take place in this industry. For further details remain in touch with us at The Flow Online. We look forward to your calls and mails. 

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