BBC world cup journalist drugged and robbed

world cup journalist drugged and robbed

TASS, a Russian news agency has recently reported that a BBC world cup reporter was robbed and drugged on Friday morning. As of now, it is believed that there are two people behind this incident. They had mixed some substance in his coffee which led to his faintness. On waking up after sometime, he found that all that he was carrying along was stolen. He tried looking for it around but could not even find a single glimpse of his belongings in the nearby areas.

Irina Volk from the Russian Interior ministry stated:

"As a result of the search operation, a suspect in the robbery of a British national has been detained,""Yesterday, the British national reported to the police that he had been robbed in a taxi."

As per the latest news from Russian interior department, one of the two suspects are caught and the same is held back for a question-answer session.

While this news is causing great widespread across the nation, another news story is revealed where a similar incident has taken place with some other journalist, writing for Independent in Ireland.

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