France wins the World Cup title for the second time!

France wins the World Cup title

The sight was worth seeing: They jumped on toes till the entire region roared in excitement and celebration, the sky was entirely occupied with fireworks, their skin all covered with rain water, the gorgeous trophy held tight in the grip of their hands, and golden confetti shining brightly through their hair.


The French began their celebration the moment they heard the last whistle which depicted the win. It spoke of their victory; 4:2 France over Croatia. The squad cheered in unison and came all together crafting a great grand thunderclap. Half of the team got scattered by moving around to take their nation’s flag from the crowd which was cheering for them in an equally high pitch.

President Fifa, Gianni Infantino, presented the trophy to the players, something for which they had been craving since so long. The opportunity of holding the same was given to them exactly 20 years ago when they won their first world cup title.

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