Top hip hop stars and their collection of luxurious cars!

hip hop stars luxurious cars

A lot of things come together to make a celeb status. Since, their properties, money and cars greatly decide how reputed and rich he/she is, they make sure that all these three things are portrayed in the best manner in order to fetch a good response from the market place and earning a great deal of fans.

Below is a list of top hip hop stars and their collection of luxurious cars. Take a look:

1.    Birdman
2.    50 Cent
3.    Dr. Dre
4.    Jay Z
5.    Diddy

-Birdman has a luxury Maybach

-50 cent owns a Lamborghini

-Dr. Dre has a Ferrari and a black Bentley

-Jay Z has a Bugatti which was gifted to him by one and only, Beyonce

-Diddy gifted his son the second Maybach

While these are not the only artists in this industry who own the most lavish cars. Other hip hop celebs are equally very rich and own a great collection of top notch cars.

While this is all about the top 5 artists, we will come down to more in our next article. Till then stay connected with us to know how hip hop and whips go together, from day one till the end. For more details and further information, call us up or drop a mail. We look forward to hear from you soon. 

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