Russell Westbrook: Most fashionable player?

Russell Westbrook

The last season, despite of its various downfalls, did not break Russell Westbrook’s confidence at all. Though the team was put to go through a lot, one thing came out very clear, that none of them got discouraged even after encountering so much all together.

In a recent discussion with ESPN’s Coral Lu, Westbook spoke a lot about his confidence, championship and not to forget “FASHION”.

He said that there is something that he would like to give away as a piece of advice to all the aspiring superstars:

"I think the motto right now for me is, whenever they feel - obviously in this world there's going to be people that doubt you, that tell you you can't do certain things. You're not able to do it because of where you live, or how you grow up. And I think that's all BS."

"I believe you tell yourself that, why not you? why not? You can be great, I think it can happen to the best of us," he continued. My job is to make sure these kids here, and all over the world understand that it's important. And be able to instill confidence in yourself, and not look around for anyone else to give you confidence."

While this is all about how Russell keeps his head high by giving some amazing advice to the masses out there, we will keep you updated with what happens next on his charts. For more information about him, remain in touch with us at The flow online. Call or mail in case of queries. 

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