JEMELE HILL might leave ESPN this September!


JEMELE HILL might leave ESPN

According to a reporter and an author, Jemele Hill might leave ESPN in the initial days of September. Miller announces this through Twitter by saying that the news is not confirmed, but something of this sort might take place in the coming days as the Hill has requested a meeting with Jimmy Pitaro, President ESPN.

This is what was updated through Miller’s Tweet:

Coming 9/1 an amicable departure / buyout for @jemelehill from @espn Been a long time coming #JemeleHill#ESPN

As per the New York Post, Hill’s alleged yearly contract of $2.5 million has come to an end. And this is exactly when and why decides to pack her bags and leave the desk.

Another tweet by Miller says:


.@jemelehill departure comes after meeting she requested w/ @espnprezPitaro#JemeleHill


Hill had joined this team in 2006 and it is only 2018 when she plans to move out. Howbeit, nobody as of now knows how truthful this news is. Let us all just wait for a few more days since the contract is to end on 31st of august and all the details mentioned above will get clarified on that very day itself.

While this is all that we have to tell you about JEMELE HILL. Stay connected with us to know what happens next. For details, call or mail. 

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