NBA teams receive memo from Adam Silver

NBA teams receive memo from Adam SilverCommissioner NBA, Adam Silver has recently sent a memo to all the thirty (29) teams in the NBA association urging them to take into consideration more women. He has asked all the teams to enhance their working conditions by improving every bit of it so that more women can be hired for supervisory as well as leadership roles. 

He wrote:

"Use this opportunity to make changes and create a dialogue within your organizations about workplace policies, procedures, and respectful conduct,"  

Certain changes are being made into the rule book and as per the commissioner, each and every team will have to follow it whether or not they are as per their will. Some of the changers are:  

“• Increasing the number of female staff, including in leadership and supervisory positions.

 •  Better harassment-reporting procedures for victims of misconduct.

 • Additional commitments to ensuring that harassment is eliminated and diversity is improved.

 • Anonymous workplace culture surveys of employees.

 • Stronger human-resource departments.

 • Sexual harassment training, with special training for managers and supervisors.

 • Having general counsel employed in-house.”

While this is all about how NBA is empowering women employees, we would love to see what happens when the same gets executed in the coming days. For more details and information, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. We wish to hear from you soon. 

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