NBA threatens JR Smith for his new tattoo

jr smith tattoo fine
JR Smith never goes by the NBA rules and regulations is something that we all know since forever. Howbeit, what comes as a new story is that he has recently been threatened by the National Basketball Association for getting a new tattoo inked on his body. Smith got a new SUPREME tattoo on his calves just to express his love and affection towards this brand. But this, however, turned out to be something that the NBA cannot approve of. And hence this is exactly when a note was sent to him regarding the same. 
Smith lashed out NBA through his Instagram story by stating: 
 "So I was informed today that I would be fined every game if I don't cover up my 'SUPREME TATTOO' on my legs during games!!"   "These people in the league office are something else!"
Darren Rovell, ESPN sports reporter took to Twitter to write:  
"JR Smith got a Supreme tattoo. He now says the league has threatened to fine him each game he doesn’t cover it. The NBA has long contended they own the athlete’s skin while on the court. Been that way since Rasheed tried to get a Nestle tattoo in 2001."
And last but not the least, this is what Shams Charania tweeted about the same:    
Statement from NBA spokesman on J.R. Smith/Supreme tattoo: "NBA rules prohibit players from displaying any commercial logos or corporate insignia on their body or in their hair."
While this is all about the kind of reactions Smith is getting for his new tattoo, let's wait to see what comes out as a final decision. Will he be paying the fine or some other alternative for the same will be generated in collaboration? To know what happens next, stay in touch with us at Flow Online.  
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