Conor McGregor demands a rematch!

Conor McGregor demands a rematch to Khabib
After Conor lost his match to Khabib, rumours came that he could not be found anywhere during the press conference. It later got confirmed that he did not attend it which is why nobody could locate him in the press room. White, on the other hand, reckons that all Conor cares about at the moment is his loss that has been marked in red in his record. This is his second time in the UFC career and this might be one of the reasons why he did not turn up for any event after the match got over. 
White had a lot to say in the press conference that took place post-fight. He said: 
"He didn’t care about the fight after. He was more concerned with the fight fight," He said ‘listen man, I'm upset. I don't give a shit about any of that, we don’t like each other.'"
However, Conor took to Twitter to say something about the match and his loss. The tweet that he uploaded states: 
Good knock. Looking forward to the rematch.
 I will be back, he stated! Seems like it is hard to put down his spirits especially when he is not in a habit of coming across losses. 
While this is all about what he had to say after his match. Let us wait to see what the association decided regarding this match. Stay connected with us at Flow Online to know whether or not there will be a rematch.  
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