Drake invites Lebron James and Travis Scott to perform on stage!

Drake invites Lebron James and Travis Scott
Lebron James joined Travis Scott and Drake to perform on one of the most popular songs called "Sicko mode". This took place yesterday at an event which happened at Staples Center in Los Angeles. The entire crowd sang along Drake and Travis while it was Lebron who did most of the dancing. Since the crew had not prepared for three microphones, Lebron could not collaborate with the other two people to sing. However, he still managed to impress the crowd with his presence by performing energetically on mesmerising tracks and beats. 
This had been a unique concert because finding a troupe of these three guys performing on the same stage, at the same time is something that nobody could ever expect. However, we might now see the trio to shake hands during NBA as things seem cosy and friendly amongst them. 
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