Three players get suspended at Staples Center Brawl!

Staples Center Brawl
The opening night at Staples Center did not turn out to be very smooth. The ending of this event caused some serious fight between the players which later led to suspension of three great members. Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul got into a serious brawl the moment Ingram walked out after his foul call incident. 
Rondo and Paul took their rage and fury to another level by involving flurry of punches into the whole situation. Not only this but Rondo also spat on Paul which is why he placed his finger on Rondo's face and this further lead to another physical fight. Even though the entire team tired to stop these two from falling into this big fight, none of them listening and kept going on at the same pace. 
An NBA insider has announced that Ingram will not have to go through his longest suspension. And the other two Paul and Rondo will also have to encounter the same phases however two and three games, respectively. 
Here's what Twitter got uploaded with recently: 
Sources: NBA suspensions – Brandon Ingram 4 games; Rajon Rondo 3 games; Chris Paul 2 games. 
Whatever case Rondo's making, NBA is evaluating a video clip captured courtside that shows saliva/spit shooting from Rondo's mouth onto Chris Paul's face. It appears Rondo will have to sell league on fact that it was unintentional -- and that appears to be a tough case to make.
While this is all about how it all began. Lets see what else NBA has to face all through the season.  Remain in touch with us at Flow Online to stay updated. 
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