Dennis and Kanye found hanging out in Chicago!

Kanye West has been going through a lot since past a few weeks. From visit Donald to disappearing from Twitter and then again coming back, the ride had almost been like that of a roller coaster. He, since then has been writing plethora of tweets on others about others, however nothing about what is happening in his own mind. This probably is happening because he doesn't really want to share his thoughts with fans or other general public. 
After his recent meeting with Dennis, it has been found that the NBA player has asked Kanye to accompany him for his upcoming trip to North Korea for meeting Kim Jong Un. the pictures of the duo hanging together in this new place, might come across next week itself as the trip is to take place in the coming days. 
This is what Dennis Rodman has tweeted on Twitter along with his picture with Kanye in Chicago: 
Great hanging with my bro @kanyewest today. Just like my agent @AgentD_P 's book "@AimingBook". We both have Aimed High our whole lives! #AimingHigh #KanyeWest #DennisRodman #AimingHighBook #Chicago #MyBro #ItsAllLove #Icons #Legends #TwoOfAKind 
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