Levert's leg injury a big loss for Brooklyn!

caris levert leg linjury
Despite having plenty of injuries in his college time and later, Levert has put in his best of efforts to become what he is today. A precious Brooklyn Nets' player who is known for his passion, zeal and hard-work recently got down with a gruesome leg injury. This happened during the final seconds of the first half when he jumped high for a block but accidentally landed on the floor with immense pain. 
"Caris LeVert of the New Jersey Nets suffers an injury during an awkward landing while contesting a shot. Looks like a right subtalar dislocation. "
Is what his team doctor has tweeted. 
 “I feel for him. He’s had a fantastic start to the season, has obviously made a huge jump. I just know Caris. If anybody’s coming back from this, the human, the character, the person, the player, he’ll come back from this.” 
said the head coach after his player's awkward yet serious fall. 
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