Friday’s score helps Kyrie Irving put a wrench on all accusations

Kyrie Irving score

Irving has been coming across a lot of accusations since he has started playing. Howbeit, this Friday came across as a great day for him. Not only was he able to turn tables in a great way this time but also lead the entire game with an amazing score in his pocket. A win over Toronto Raptors came as a big victory for him and his team as well.


He spoke to the media with great enthusiasm and happiness once the game got over.


"It's just not too often during the regular season you get to have games like this," "So you want to take full advantage of them. They're a great test for your team on both ends of the basketball floor."


This statement victory has done wonders to Kyrie and his image across the world which had started fading from past a few days.

While this is all about Friday and the champion team, we will give you more such stories on sports in the coming week. For more spicy scoops on hip hop world and your favorite artists, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. 

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