Reuben Foster put behind bars for the second time!

Reuben Foster put behind bars
Reuben Foster, NFL linebacker has been taken to the jail last night on charges of domestic violence. He has been arrested from the hotel around 9:10 pm in Florida. 

It was a short hearing that took place first before he was taken to his new quarters. 
The detail of the entire case is foggy and all that we could make out of it is only that he and Elissa Ennis got caught up in a verbal spat which ended up being a big trouble. It is believed that it was Foster who took the entire fight on a greater level by adding domestic violence to it. He not only slapped her on the right side of her face but also did many other things which left her in a slightly injured state. 
The final word will be soon out and hopefully a better picture could then be grabbed from it. To know more about this case, be in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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