Ray Rice wants to be helpful to troubled Kareem Hunt

Ray Rice wants to be helpful to troubled Kareem Hunt
Kareem's attack on the 19-year-old has now become an open issue, known by all. All this happened within a few hours of the leak of a video which had a recording of this entire incident. While nobody knows what exactly the situation is and how would Kareem come out of it. One this which gives Hunt some feeling of relief at this moment his a hand of help offered by Ray Rice. 
Ray Rice has been through a lot in his life, especially when he was caught assaulting his domestic partner, on the camera. It is since then, that Rice has immensely involved himself in an organization called, A call to men, which aims at eliminating the conditions that somehow favor toxic males like that of Kareem who has got trapped after the surveillance video leak. 
A few tweets have gone down on Twitter about the same. This is what they have to say: 
Natalie Agenolf: 
This isn’t about Kareem Hunt.
This isn’t about Reuben Foster.
This isn’t about Ray Rice.
This isn’t about Greg Hardy.

This is about the @nfl, a systemic problem, and their negligence to try and eradicate this behavior for the sake of winning football games.  
Aaron Blake: 
Amazing how NFL hadn’t seen both the Ray Rice video and the Kareem Hunt video till they showed up on TMZ 
While this is all about how Kareem has lost it entirely, we will keep you updated on what happens next on this charge. For more details, remain in touch with us at Flow Online.  
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