Pro-Wrestler opens up about her difficult journey, get motivation from Eminem song!

Becky lynch
Becky a WWE superstar has seen plenty up and downs in her life when it comes to working on her career and taking it to greater heights. She has overcome a lot of difficulties in life including the 7-year break that she had to take due to her severe injury. 
This is what Lynch has recently spoken about: 
“So I went along for a tryout and I knew there was no way in Hell that life was going to give me this opportunity and I wasn’t going to take it and I wasn’t going to get it. I just remember going there without a doubt in my mind that I’m getting this. Because it just felt way too serendipitous and way too meant to be to not materialize.” 

“So I went along and I remember singing Eminem in my head the whole time, ‘Lose Yourself,’ you know? Every time those drills would get hard I’d be like, ‘You only got one shot,’ and then I got signed and then I got brought over to Orlando.”


And this is how she acquired motivation from Eminem she says. For more such empowering hip hop stories, remain in touch with us at Flow online.  
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