Thompson to remain with the Golden State: Reports

Thompson to remain with the Golden State
Thompson, as we all know, is one of the most coveted future free agents, a team can have. While earlier there was a certain kind of humour that he might change his team or move out, the recent reports reveal that he might stay within the same only, i.e. with the warriors. 
This is what Strauss wrote about the same: 
"While Thompson has indicated an interest in remaining a "Warrior for life," his return cannot just be taken for granted. Still, the expectation within and outside the Warriors is that Klay isn't leaving. This is why you don't hear about any team besides the Lakers gearing up for the Summer of Klay."  
This is what Thompson spoke about his during his interview back in October: 
"I don't know what having your own team really means," "I know what it means to be the leader, the captain, the stat-stuffer and all that. But I don't think this is Steph's team, I don't think this is KD's team, I don't think this is Draymond's team, my team, Andre, Coach Kerr. I think this is our team because, without each one of us, we lose a huge part of this team. I think we all understand that."
"I've been to the mountaintop. I know what it feels like to win and win with some of your best friends. And that's why it would be hard for me to leave just because I've put so much blood, sweat and tears in this building and with this franchise. I've had my ups and downs but I couldn't imagine myself being somewhere else."
While the final word of mouth is still not out very clearly, let's wait for Klay to reveal his move, himself. For details on the same, stay in touch with us at Flow Online.  
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