Meek Mill kicks off NBA All-Star game with an energetic performance!

Meek Mill kicks off NBA All-Star game
Meek's relationship with the NBA is deeper than we can even imagine. The rapper received immense support and love from the NBA when he got incarcerated from players of 76ers. The artist was excessively high on energy while kicking off the NBA all-star game with his performance. He put across a medley of some of his hottest hits by being draped in a yellow jacket. He stood between various dancers and kept jumping all through the time in excitement and enthusiasm. 
He started his performance with the intro of CHAMPIONSHIPS before sliding into his top 10 tracks. He left the stage when it was time for Team Giannis to enter and later made his way back into the stage to give his performance on the second half of DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES. This took place before Team Lebron got introduced. 
Giving a kickass opening to the show, Meek Mill proved that nothing could be better than what he did for it. 
While there will be enough that you can find on the net to know more about this artist, taking a look at his recent performance will completely be worth it. 
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