Tennis star Serena Williams talks about her Tennis journey!

Tennis star Serena Williams talks about her Tennis journey
In honor of (March 8) International Women's Day, Serena Williams penned for Fortune throwing light on her journey as a tennis player. The sportswoman, states her hardships clearly by writing about how her sport treated her when back in 2017 she took maternity leave. She also explained how she got back to the game in just 8 months post her delivery and in between those months how her #1 rank and came down to 453rd, which she had achieved with such hard work and relentless practice.
"When I returned to tennis from maternity leave, I was penalized for taking time off: my ranking dropped from #1 in the world to #453,"  "That required me to face tougher competition earlier in the French Open, which led to a pectoral injury that forced me to drop out."  she mentioned.
"I fought hard personally, making it to the Wimbledon final shortly after, but I also fought hard publicly against the biased ranking system. We must stop penalizing women when they return to their careers after having children," "Women deserve to be given the same respect and opportunities as our male counterparts. We are entitled to the same open doors." Williams added.
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