New York Jets new uniform has been introduced!

New York Jets new uniform
After quite a few months of teasing and talking of the new uniform, New York Jets finally, come to not just unveiling but also introducing it completely. The release of the same has been brought among masses through the medium of a special event which took place in the New York city itself on the night of Thursday.
The Nike based and designed uniform along with the head gear (helmet) is highlighted with a green shade to associate it with the team specifically and it has also been noticed that the same was last changed back in 1998 before this transformation. 
"It's just a different swagger," "It's something this team needed. Obviously, the past years haven't been going well. To have something new, a fresh start, I think it's just what we needed." mentioned Jamal Adams.
And while Twitter is filled with plenty of opinions post this reveal, a few digs on the same have also been taken. To know more about the same, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. You may drop a message or call in case of more details and information. We are here to serve you with all the latest updates and top-notch stories, 24x7. 
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