Curry talks about the conversation he had with Nipsey Hussle

Curry talks about the conversation he had with Nipsey Hussle
Steph Curry turns out to be the first athlete who has stood up to talk about Nipsey's death and how much this news has affected his mind. Hussle got killed on March 31st and the mourning for the same from across the world can be heard ever since. But while each person has his own bit to say on this news, Steph comes out with something emotional by posting a full length conversation of his and Nipsey. 
"I got to know him last year and had a great conversation about who he was as a person, what he stood for, what his message was, how he tried to inspire people considering where he grew up and how he turned that into something extremely powerful, represented an entire city," he said.
The video clip that has been released has a conversation based on various topics such as fatherhood, integrity, family and what not. It has turned out to be viral because of the inspiration that Nipsey seems to be giving through it by telling about his journey and the values that his father infused during his upbringing. 
Truly an eye-opening conversation and all thanks to Curry!
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