Ballentine's teammate got murdered during the shoot!

Corey Ballentine teammate Dwane Simmons killed in shooting
The reports by TMZ state that Corey Ballantine was involved in a shooting when he got injured. It is said and also believed that he was injured during an off-campus shooting that killed the junior defensive Dwane Simmons. Howbeit, the school said that the Ballantine shot is not life-threatening and that there is full hope of his quick and complete recovery. 
"are aware of the tragic situation and continue to gather information. We have spoken to Corey, and he is recovering in the hospital. Our thoughts are with Dwane Simmons' family, friends and teammates and the rest of the Washburn community." Giants said.
“Both Dwane and Corey have been great examples and representatives of the football team and of Washburn University in general,”“This was a terrible way to end a day which should have been a day of celebration and a day to look forward to Dwane's upcoming year at Washburn and the beginning of Corey's professional career.”   Farley, the Washburn President stated.
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