Metta World Peace on how he could win the title of Head Coach

Metta World Peace
It is being said that Los Angeles Lakers are almost at the brink of announcing the name of their new next head coach. And while we all know what this name is going to be, for now, we at the same time along with the team itself also have a clear clue of whom (Metta World Peace) they should actually choose if they wish to win the NBA championship. 
Here's what Metta has written about the same by taking it to Twitter today: 
  • No question I would win title as a @NBA head coach . I just had a debate with this guy. He said I don’t have the experience. Listen dude , it’s not difficult. Keep spacing , move to open areas , mix C with Triangle and play defense.  
  • I coached two years at Palisades Highschool while playing for @Lakers in my last two seasons. And coached at Beverly Hills and Hillcrest on occasions. And a 5 time @DrewLeague head coach . I know exactly what I want to do .  
  • Just because I’m a street legend and super QB , doesn’t mean I can’t run through the @NBA as a head coach . Don’t sleep on Metta World. Anyway, catch me coaching locally in LA.

  • Here is my pitch for head coach. Lol. Seriously . “ You wanna win or what”. Lol. I’m literally not bringing in any pad or plan. It is what it is. I’m dope and that’s that. Lol.

While Metta through this set of Tweets makes a strong case for himself, let's see what comes out as a result now.  For more updates on this story and more, remain in touch with us at Flow Online.  
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