Too many statements on where Irving is going to end up at!

Too many statements on where Irving is going to end up at!
The NBA Free Agency is going to be a stressful and hectic place. Since Kyrie Irving is going to become available in this agency during the summer, seems like there will be a rush of teams who would want to grab him for their team. And while nobody for sure knows what his fate will be, he and a few more people are saying that NBA teams are not interested in signing him the way they used to be earlier. 
"The most interesting bit of information from several sources that we’ve been able to consolidate and confirm is that some teams thought to have interest in Irving as a free agent are now a great deal more wary,"  "Based on the way things played out with the Celtics this season and Irving’s role both off the court all year and on it in the playoff loss to Milwaukee, certain clubs are concerned about putting too many eggs in his basket right away." Two teams for certain are telling people they will only go after him if they land another marquee free agent and that player says he wants Irving," "In each of these cases, the initial target is different."  the article by Boston Herald states. 
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