Coach LaFleur suffers major injury!

Coach LaFleur suffers major injury!
The Green Bay Packers come across their first injury. Their coach Matt LaFleur tore his Achilles tendon on the basketball court at the Lambeau field, reports The 39 year old will now have to go through a surgery to have his tear repaired properly and quickly, a source said. 
"I would say Matt is definitely hands-on,"  That's why he's here. That's why we're all here. We have to be who we are. I think everybody has their role they want to fill and who they think that they are.
"That's why you love Matt. Matt is the same guy I met about five, six years ago. He hasn't changed a bit besides now he's the head coach of the Packers. Every guy is different. Every head coach I've worked with and all the different guys I've been around have had their niche and how they want to do it."  Packers offensive coordinator states. 
Wishing him godspeed recovery, let's see how the Packers do without him in the last two weeks that are left. For updates on his condition and stories about the team, remain in touch with us at Flow Online 
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