Odell Beckham on gay rumours: It seems funny to me

Odell Beckham on gay rumours
Football star Odell Beckham seems in hot waters as he has become the target of many for a lot of times now. Whether it is him going around with his male friends or just wearing a  kilt, each and everything is taken to a completely new tangent so that a news story can be made out of it. Beckham has made it very clear to the masses that he is heterosexual, but even after he has been very open about it, a lot of people are commenting on his sexual preferences. 
"I have friends who are gay. It was almost more funny to me. I almost messed with them even more. It's like when someone gives me an ultimatum, I'm usually always going to go to the opposite way of what you want me to go. So when they would say that, I would almost mess with them even more. I have no problem with anyone's sexual orientation.""I've never once had no problem with anybody who has their own personal life that they live," he stated for a magazine feature. 
"Even like little videos where they see me leaned back or something, they'll say that I'm looking at a guy's ass. And I'm like, 'Bro! You don't even know where my mind is at.'" "It was just a lose-lose," he said while also telling that he has been with women. "They'd see me with a white woman and be like, 'Why don't you be with any sisters?' I have no problem with any race. Love is love. If you're attracted to somebody, you're attracted to somebody. There was such a stigma built up, [as though] I don't like my own women. It's like, no, I don't like anybody who annoys me [laughs]."
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