David Griffin speaks about Lebron James comments!

David Griffin speaks about Lebron James comments!
Lebron James has received quite a lot from David Griffin recently in the form of criticism. The comments that he has made on him are offensive as they are too many in number and full of criticism. The statements that he has made have not only come as a shock to James himself but the masses all across the league. 

Griffin used to be the General Manager of team Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2016 and this was a big achievement for him. Despite this, he was always clear with his statements where he said that James was not at all motivated towards winning the championships. 
Griffin, however, recently went to ESPN's The Jump to make some clarifications. "I failed miserably in getting everyone to the right sense of urgency following the [2016] championship,""My belief at that time was 'there's no way anyone can be born in Akron, Ohio, deliver the first championship in 52 years to Cleveland, Ohio and be the same human being. It's not possible. You're a person. You're a human being. And my fear at that time was that he wouldn't have that same animal-like desire to win." What we've seen obviously is that he's gone to multiple Finals since so it was an unfounded fear I had at the time,""But the article doesn't give you the context that I was talking about that particular point in time." He stated by also explaining how his comments went out of context and it is media that has portrayed all of it in a different way. 
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