Stephen explains who he would have on prime

Stephen A Smith
A debate has recently started on social media after Kobe Bryant wrote some comments pertaining to his former member of the team - Shaquille O’ Neal. The discussion about the same took place on ESPN during the Thursday’s episode of First Take. Since the topic was about who to take on the prime not only did the atmosphere get heated up in the studio but also outside among the masses and fans. 

I am always partial to guards because centers need help,”.”If you’re Shaq, you needed Kobe or somebody else to get you the basketball.. When you’re a guard, you are more in a position to dictate the level of success that you ultimately accomplish for yourself.” Said Smith. 

“But the biggest reason,”. “the biggest thing that I’ve held against Shaq more than anything is those free-throws.. From the free-throw line career-wise he was somewhat of a liability. You can’t say the same about Kobe Bryant.” He added. 

The video of the same is available on internet. In fact Stephen himself has also posted it on his Twitter account. 

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