Antonio Brown becomes a free agent post asking for release

Antonio Brown is getting a little too strange these days and the new personality that he is becoming is not hidden anymore.The change in his behaviour has become pretty evident through his posts and uploads on social media. Recently he uploaded a private conversation of his with his coach Gruden, late at night and before anyone could actually work on this post to make it a news story, came up a new post from his end where he asks for a release. 
And that’s fine ! I have worked my whole life to prove that the system is blind to see talent like mines.Now that everyone sees it, they want me to conform to that same system that has failed me all those years. “I’m not mad at anyone. I’m just asking for the freedom to prove them all wrong.” Release me @raiders #NOMore#theyputblindersonahorseforareason#NoMoreFake   he wrote on his instagram. 
The good part of the story is that the team has actually considered his request and the action of setting him free has already been taken as it has become an official announcement now. 
“The Raiders have released WR Antonio Brown from the team today.” Oakland Raiders tweeted. 
Right decision. You cannot act this way and get away with it. Maybe my man Max is right. Maybe there really is something wrong. AB fought all this time to make this money, then just threw it all away before playing a single game. Disgraceful. Stephen A Smith retweeted with this addition. 
This act has left fans in shock and disappointment not just because the two have parted ways but also because the fact that Antonio has not announced what he plans to do next. Hoping he comes out with something real soon and wishing him luck for the same, remain in touch with us at Flow Online to get updates on this story and more. 
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